Salty Dogs Express - TJP1

The 1st commercial recording from 1953.

Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP2

Live at the Sabre Room in Dynell Springs.

Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band - TJP3

Live at Hambone Kelly's.

Turk Murphy Jazz Band - TJP4

Live in Los Angeles!

El Dorado Jazz Band - TJP5

The Dixielanders w/Bud Freeman - TJP6

In Concert.

Down Home Jazz Band - TJP7

A 2 cd Concert from Hal Smith's Down Home Jazz Band.

Turk Murphy's Jazz Band - TJP8

In Concert-Part 1.

Turk Murphy's Jazz Band - TJP9

In Concert-Part 2.

The Ben Cohen Hot 5 - TJP10

One of Englands top Jazz Bands w/Alex Revell.

Turk Murphy's Jazz Band - TJP11

Daybreak Blues w/Ernie Carson and Bob Helm.

Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP12

Jazz on Campus.  Live at Purdue University.


Ken Ingram's New Syncopators - TJP14

...pays homage to King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.

Earl's New Orleans House Jazz Band - TJP15

An all-star ensemble playing some great jazz.

Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP2121

Shake That Thing.

Bob Helm's Hot Jazz Classics - TJP2122

w/Bob Hodes, Bob Short, Ev Farey.

Ev Farey's Bay City Jazz Band - TJP2123

Live at the Sail'N.

Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP2124

Welcome to Purdue!

The Bald Eagles - TJP2127

w/Jim Snyder, 'Whip' Williams, John Cooper,Mike Walbridge.

The Village Tavern Hot Band - TJP2132

w/Bob Neighbor, John Otto, John Cooper, Mike Schwimmer, Chris Stind, Jimmy Barrett, Bill Hanck, and Tom Bartlett.

South Frisco Jazz Band - TJP2134


The Bald Eagles - TJP2142

Live at the Libertyville Jazz Festival with Kim Cusak, Mike Walbridge, Jim Snyder, John Cooper, "Whip' Williams.

The Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP2131

w/Darnell Howard.

The Salty Dogs Jazz Band - TJP2135

Live Concert at Battleground.

Birch Smith and the DRK's - TJP2143

w/Charlie Sonnanstine, Gene Mayl.

Bob Helm 'Brother Red' - TJP2146

w/ Turk Murphy, Bob Short and others!

Darnell Howard - TJP2148

w/the Salty Dogs Jazz Band.

Funky New Orleans Jazz Band - TJP2137

Hot Jazz w/Bob Helm.


w/Hal Smith and Carl 'Sonny' Leyland.

Jack Lord's Charleston Chasers - TJP2145

Here's some hot music w/Leon Oakley, Frank Chace, Tom Bartlett and more!

Russ Gilman and Friends - TJP2140

'Out Of Nowhere' w/Bob Helm.

The Honeybucket Jazz Band - TJP2141

San Francisco Jazz.  The Honeybucket Jazz Club, a collegiate hang out during the '50's, famous for the Face on the barroom floor and their Bloody Mary's, and the hot jazz they provided patrons!

The NEW El Dorado Jazz Band - TJP2147

Live at the Chattanooga Jazz Festival 2011.

Village Tavern Hot Band - TJP2136

All The Girls Go Crazy!

Village Tavern Hot Band - TJP2139

Live At The Tavern in Chicago!

Village Tavern Hot Band - TJP2144

JAZZIN!  Live from the Village Tavern.

The New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits -TJP13

Chris Tyle, Charlie Sonnanstine, Bob Helm, Robin Wetterau, Jack Kuncl, Mike Walbridge, Hal Smith.


The Village Tavern Hot Band - Jazzbos - TJP16


The New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits - Volume 2 TJP18

The 2nd release of this band from the Bradenton, FL. Jazz Fest.  Chris Tyle, Charles Sonnanstine, Bob Helm, Robin Wetterau, Jack Kuncl, Mike Walbridge and Hal Smith.


The Village Tavern Hot Band - 'Swingin' Hot Jazz' - TJP17


Turk Murphy Jazz Band - Live at Earthquake McGoons 1978 Vol.1 - TJP20


Turk Murphy Jazz Band - Live at Earthquake McGoons 1978 Vol.2 - TJP21


New Orleans Jazzin' Babies from Berlin, Germany - TJP22


Turk Murphy - 2 Tickets To McGoon's - TJP23


The Chicago Stompers ‘Live At The Red Arrow’ - TJP24

Ted Butterman - Chicago Jazz from the 30's - TJP25

The New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits Vol. #3 - TJP 26 - CD Vol. #3

'The Return' - Ted Butterman's 'Old McHenry Novelty Orchestra' -TJP19

'Some Like It Hot' - The Salty Dogs Jazz Band -TJP 27

Chicago Historical Society Concert-TJP 28 - The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band

'63 Purdue Salty Dogs Jazz Band TJP 29