Okay people, how far have we come in today's setting? Are we losing ground? Is OKOM waning? Who has some thoughts about the course of today's Trad?


December 16, 2009 @04:58 pm

Many supporters are, dare I say it, getting old and passing on. Traditional jazz publications, traditional or classic jazz clubs and societies are not functioning on a regular basis or have ceased to exist. A new audience is needed. There are quite a few younger musicians around although there may not be as many places to play. I still have confidence that, somehow, this music will survive. There is nothing as exciting, thrilling, and vital as a good traditional jazz band in "full flight". Listen to the tradjazz productions CD of the Village Tavern Jazz Band live in Chicago to see what I mean. Those who have heard it will surely agree. Thanks for letting me sound off.

john c graham